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Hong Bang University (HBU)

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Vietnam web rank: 74
Asia web rank: 2893
Global web rank: 9112

General Information

Type: Private
Year of Establishment: 1997


215 Dien Bien Phu
Ward 15
Binh Thanh
Ho Chi Minh

Phone: 84 08. 3512 9885

Worst Place ever to teach or study.

As already mentioned-when you show up to get your class schedule, they then tell you that you have to buy the books from them. They also then tell you that you have to furnish your own computer each day and download all books and listening on them. Rooms are Spartan-like, benches and long tables for student and nothing else in the rooms. Sound is horrible. Air Conditioning is time to come on 5 minutes before class and it is sweltering hot when you are allowed in to teach. Classrooms are not unlocked until 10 minutes or later for class-no time to get ready. Rooms are locked immediately after class to prevent students from using ac as there is none anywhere else except in the library. No contact with staff and no feedback. Classes start at 7 but admin does not arrive until 8 am, so any issues between then-too bad. There is no teacher room of lockers so you have to carry all your books and pc and everything else with you all day. You have to go out to a cafe to wait in the heat. There is no teacher appreciation whatsoever and you are not part of the school. Its all show and nothing else. Students are run through the English program like cattle through a corral. You must pass all students and change all failing grades. About 90% fail every test but they tell you to pass the students or you will be replaced. Teachers are nothing but cannot fodder there. Pay is always about 2 weeks late and sometimes more. Its all about money therel and not real teaching. I would never ever go back. Students and teachers-stay away from Hong Bang at all costs.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Not recommeded for teaching.

I was hired to teach at the university, but after receiving 40-50 online documents, it was easy to see that they want as little personal contact with foreign teachers as possible. This was my impression of them. Furthermore, I was told that teachers have to have their own teacher and student books for each of their classes printed (10 books for me) and put into book form at their own expense. This they apologized for but is what they tell you so they are off the hook. Now, you can use the online book and not have one printed as I was also told, but is it really practical to carry a computer around the room when you want to assist one student and switch from teacher book to student book? I am surprised that teachers will actually work at such a place. It is the principle of the matter that I detest and refuse to work at such a place. Tells me the owners think that good teachers are a dime a dozen.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

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