Batterjee Medical College (BMC)

كلية البترجي للعلوم الطبية و التكنولوجيا

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Type: Private
Established: 2005
Grading system
North Abhur District
Jeddah ( جدة ) 6700
Saudi Arabia
Phone: 966 2 6561111


BMC is the best

The college offers best educational services, especially the quality of education and teaching staff is very professional. the building and infrastructure and overall, all services we are enjoying, i will suggest to all my friends to go ahead. the staff is very cooperative and caring.

I would recommend to a friend!

BMC is not worth a money

Despite their good education, BMC doesn’t care for their students. As mentioned in other review the university hasn’t been renovated in years and it shows. It’s a shame the amount students put in this university including me and not get basic things. Like accessible Wi-Fi throughout the university, a decent library that doesn’t look gloomy and depressing, plus it doesn’t fit the amount of students in the university. There’s no place to sit in the university other than the small library. No available couches or rooms. No cafes or cafeterias or restaurants. Only vending machines with snacks. It’s like the collage doesn’t want us to enjoy our time in it or study in it!! as soon as we finish the lectures you need to head back home, because of the lack of facilities, rooms and library area room in BMC collage. They still use the old carpeted lecture halls that smell so bad (like rotting carpet) I don’t know how this is even legal. It’s so sad that all this and much more complaints and issues i can list and despite the fees being 90k a year. The only thing the collage is proud of is offering AMBOSS like all our 90k a year is just to pay for it.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Not For Non-Arabs

This college is not very accommodating to non-Arab students. They advertise it as an English-medium college, & while 99% of the lectures do happen in English, they place too much importance on Arabic,. All announcements are made in Arabic & all events are hosted in Arabic, even the graduation ceremony. As a student who has spent 7 years studying at that college, one would think they deserve to know what’s happening at their own graduation ceremony, right? But BMC administration does not seem to think so. The campus & infrastructure is not up to the mark, specially considering how much students pay to study there. Wifi is not available throughout the campus, the library is not adequately equipped (the shelves look too empty & half of the computers do not work), the air-conditioning system is bizarre (it’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter), the female section of the campus is relatively boring as compared to the male section and despite having a students’ Sports Club that invites students to participate in sports like basketball, badminton, table tennis, they don’t have the appropriate equipment for it. Students have to create their own makeshift courts and nets (eg., for badminton). The college rarely funds events organised as part of the college’s extracurricular activities’ calendar, students have to pay out of their own pockets to pull off a decently organised event. They constantly ask us for feedback, claiming that they value it a lot, but when we give it to them, they do nothing about it. In a time where the entire world took a huge economic hit thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, they didn’t even bother to reduce the fees of the students, despite all classes happening online & a single miserable clinical session every week. The only good thing about this college is that the quality of education is quite good, comparable to international quality. They also have scholarships. Bottom line: wouldn’t recommend. Not worth the money.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

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