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Tight education budgets are opening doors to educators with radical ideas about abridged curriculums. This time History is the target of some.

Chinese Graduate Education is developing at a slower pace than many analysts would like to see. What are the likely effects of this to be?

The methods the Vikings used to prepare their children for adulthood were surprisingly gentle when compared to their cruel warlike reputation.

Haiti lost countless school buildings (and many children and teachers, too) when the earthquake struck a year ago. What news of the recovery program?

Education in Ancient Rome reflected a violently divided society. Does modern schooling embed current values, or prepare for future success?

Syria and Iran occupy the ancient Region of Mesopotamia where writing, education and the first legal system emerged at the dawn of known time

American School Boards are as traditional as Harvard and Yale. Are they that well-constituted, too?

The latest Australia floods have set back Queensland education efforts as Australia schools battle to clear up the mess

While 2010 allocations to Kenya Public Schools finally track academic milestones, their per-student value has remained unchanged since 2003.

Cuts announced late last year by the United Kingdom's Higher Education Council for Wales will affect the futures of five Universities.

Graduating with a high school diploma is a catalyst to educational attainment and financial responsibility in light of the advanced skills required in today's global work force.

Cooperative education partnerships bring value to students, colleges and companies while promoting the individual success of all stakeholders.

Consider enrolling in a cooperative education program and work away your tuition costs. Cooperative college education programs are available at the State, Federal and local level.

There is more to enrolling in college than just being accepted. International students sometimes experience high levels of frustration with the level of competition for post-secondary admission. Seek admission to international colleges like your career depends on it.

At what cost will China's academic revolution and explosion of unemployed graduates have on the sustainability of their economy and the population who depends on economic advancement for college graduates.
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