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Cuban education has made vast strides since the revolution and is regarded by UNICEF as one of the world's best. Although there are no student fees this does not mean that it is free.

Parents and educators alike in Ireland are pondering the importance of religious education as every cent in a school budget is turned over twice

When Shanghai school pupils scored tops in reading, math and science in the recent OECD survey, this raised eyebrows and hackles in some corners too.

A boy without a father lives on charity with distant family, as he works his way through weekend private school by washing dishes and serving customers at restaurant tables.

A City & Guilds Survey has revealed that United Kingdom employers prefer apprentices to fresh baked graduates. The factors driving this are an interesting subject for speculation.

Hope rises Phoenix-like for Southern Sudanese school education as two young men dream a dream, and build a new School in war torn Southern Sudan together.

Mumsnet has revealed details of parent politicking and pecking orders at gates leading to Irish Schools

As the World's economic woes continue to buffet Iceland, perhaps we should not be surprised that Music Education is a victim, too.

A young South African writer and philosopher has called for debating skills to be included in Secondary School curriculae.

The Taliban in Swat Valley, Pakistan continue to oppress schoolgirls, despite some signs of relief for them in Afghanistan.

The Cairo Riots have put a number of foreign students there at risk too. Those affected are advised not to stray into troubled areas, and to contact and stay in contact with their embassies.

Earthquake damage to School buildings in Canterbury, New Zealand was far less severe than initially thought, thanks to proactive seismic hardening

According to both the Indian President and the Nation's Human Resource Development Minister, some Indian schools are refusing to accept the need for free and equal education, and to implement India's compulsory education act.

The Coalition Government in the United Kingdom appears to be determined to increase university fees and attract poorer students at the same time.

Jeddah Education and Civil Defense officials are watching carefully as storm clouds roll in above intermediate and secondary school pupils gearing up for their first semester examinations
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