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Mongolia to Restore Traditional Script

If you have evaluated recent Mongolian documents, you probably noticed that they look a little different than in the past. This can be confusing if you are trying to compare current documents against prior samples.
The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) - Australia

In Victoria, the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and its Statement of Results are the primary credential used for university entrance, and they correspond to the successful conclusion of secondary education awarded to most students in the state.
Is an Indian Postgraduate Diploma the same as a Master’s Degree?

There are several ways to interpret a postgraduate diploma. By name alone, it is clearly a graduate program, just like a graduate-level degree. On the other, it is lacks some requirements to be called an actual degree. Let’s review it in the context of the education system of India.
Are unpaid internships a scam?

There are some unpaid internships that will feel like a scam just because of the amount of work being done with no pay, even though the program is operating legally. There are also some unpaid internships that are downright illegal because a for-profit company is not paying interns at least the minimum wage for their profit-generating work.
Is Russian Specialist Diploma Equivalent To a Master's Degree?

When the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, many of universities in Russia (and many of the former Soviet states) still offered the same degrees. However, institutions were no longer controlled exclusively by the government.
Compare Serbian, U.S. Medical Degrees

When pairing Serbian medical education alongside US medical education, the two are almost uncommon. Even though the professional qualification of Doctor of Medicine exists in both countries, the level of this qualification is not alike.
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