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Consider enrolling in a cooperative education program and work away your tuition costs. Cooperative college education programs are available at the State, Federal and local level.

There is more to enrolling in college than just being accepted. International students sometimes experience high levels of frustration with the level of competition for post-secondary admission. Seek admission to international colleges like your career depends on it.

At what cost will China's academic revolution and explosion of unemployed graduates have on the sustainability of their economy and the population who depends on economic advancement for college graduates.

The best way for an international student to get accepted to a U.S. college is to work through educational institutions in the student's home country. Funding, student aid and scholarship opportunities are limited and require a high level of resourcefulness.

Higher education in the United States makes it possible for anyone to get a degree but what you do with that opportunity is the difference between a college degree and unpaid college debts.

Responding to declining enrollments in study abroad programs.
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