A School of Business in Hyderbad, India Ramps Up


school of business indiaIt will take a little longer for ivy to grow up academic walls in Hyderbad on the banks of River Muisi, in Andra Pradesh Province, Central India. Notwithstanding this, exciting academic progress has been made in an ancient City known as place of pearls and alternatively the instanbul of india. Here Muslims and Hindus come together in dualistic peace to study at a School of Business judged recently by the Financial Times in London to be Number 13 among the Top 20 in the World, but yet scarcely 10 years old.

Hyderbad School of Business was established in 2001 with the goal of introducing world class business education to India. It was first placed in the Top 20 in 2008 which was a record for its age. Since then it has consistently remained there, thanks to its strong pool of faculty researchers, high caliber internationally sourced lecturers, and educational programs too. Current business courses offered include:

school of business indiaPGP - Post Graduate Program in Management

PGPMAX - Post Graduate Diploma in Management for Senior Executives

EEP Executive Education Programs

Hyderbad already has more than 3,000 PGP and over 12,000 EEO Alumni respectively. Not surprisingly, Dean Akit Rangnekar was as ecstatic as senior academics ever get when he remarked that his School of Business had school of business indiacemented its position in the top twenty schools globally. He promised that the commitment to providing a world-class experience to all our stakeholders remained unwavering, and acknowledged the role that the campus community and stakeholders across the world had played in the latest successed in Business School Education in Hyderbad, India.

Exciting new initiatives are planned for the next few years to come. A second School of Business campus will be in operation in Mohali, Punjab, Northern India by April 2012 – may I recommend that you watch that space, and the one in Hyderbad, India too for more surprises.

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