Syria Credentials

CredentialLocal NameUS Equivalence
BaccalaureateAl-Shahâda Al Thânawiyya-Al'AmmaSign up for free
Technical BaccalaureateShahâda Al Thânawiyya Al-FanniyyaSign up for free
Primary Teacher CertificateShahâdat Ahliyyat Al-Ta'lîm Al-Ibtibâ'ISign up for free
Teacher Training DiplomaShahâdat Ahliyyat Al-Ta'lîm Al-Ibtidâ'ISign up for free
Nursing Certificate Sign up for free
Licence Sign up for free
Licentiate in Engineering Sign up for free
Specialized Nursing Certificate Sign up for free
Licence in Medicine Sign up for free
Licentiate in Dental Surgery Sign up for free
General Diploma of Postgraduate Study Sign up for free
Master's Degree Sign up for free
Doctorate Sign up for free

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