Senegal Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
Certificat de Fin d'Etudes ElémentairesCertificate of Completed Elementary EducationOrder a Report - $9.99
Certificate of End of Primary and Elementary StudiesCertificate of Completed Primary and Basic EducationOrder a Report
Brevet d'Etudes du Premier CycleCertificate of Lower Secondary EducationOrder a Report
Certificat d'Aptitude ProfessionnelleCertificate of Professional CompetenceOrder a Report
Brevet de Fin d'Etudes MoyennesCertificate of Lower Secondary EducationOrder a Report
Diplôme d’Agent Technique AgricoleTechnician Diploma in AgricultureOrder a Report
Certificat Elémentaire d'Aptitude PédagogiqueCertificate of Elementary School TeacherOrder a Report
Brevet de TechnicienTechnician CertificateOrder a Report
BaccalauréatBaccalaureateOrder a Report
Diplôme de Bachelier TechnicienDiploma of Technical BaccalaureateOrder a Report
Capacité en DroitCertificate in LawOrder a Report
Certificat ďAptitude PedagogiqueCertificate of Elementary School TeacherOrder a Report
Brevet de Technicien SupérieurHigher Technician CertificateOrder a Report
Diplôme Universitaire ďEtudes LittérairesUniversity Diploma in Literary EducationOrder a Report
Diplôme Universitaire de TechnologieUniversity Diploma in TechnologyOrder a Report
LicenceLicentiateOrder a Report
Licence ProfessionnelleProfessional LicentiateOrder a Report
Certificat de Aptitude a ľEnseignment MoyenCertificate of Lower Secondary EducationOrder a Report
Diplôme ďIngénieurDiploma in EngineeringOrder a Report
Maîtrise en Sciences EconomiquesMaster in EconomicsOrder a Report
MaîtriseMaster's DegreeOrder a Report
Master 1 en Sciences de GestionMaster's Degree in ManagementOrder a Report
Certificat d'Etudes SpecialesCertificate of Special StudiesOrder a Report
Diplôme de PharmacienDiploma in PharmacyOrder a Report
Maîtrise en DroitMaster in LawOrder a Report
Diplôme ďEtat de Docteur en Chirurgie DentaireState Diploma in Dental SurgeryOrder a Report
Diplôme ďEtat de Docteur en MédecineState Diploma in MedicineOrder a Report
Diplôme ďEtat de Docteur en Médecine VétérinaireState Diploma in Veterinary MedicineOrder a Report
Diplôme d'Etudes ApprofondiesDiploma of Advanced StudiesOrder a Report
Diplôme ďEtudes Supérieures SpécialiséesDiploma of Higher Specialized StudiesOrder a Report
Mastére en Banque et FinanceMaster in Banking and FinanceOrder a Report
Doctorat de Troisième CycleDoctorateOrder a Report
Doctorat ďEtatState DoctorateOrder a Report
Doctorat ďUniversité sur TravauxUniversity DoctorateOrder a Report

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