Saudi Arabia Credentials

CredentialLocal NameUS Equivalence
General Elementary School CertificateShahadat Al Maddaaris Al Ibtidaa`iyyahFree for Institutions
Certificate of Technical NursingShahadat At-Tamriidh Al-FanniFree for Institutions
Intermediate Education CertificateShahadt Al-Kafa’at Al-MutawassitaFree for Institutions
General Secondary Education CertificateShahadat Al-Marhalat Al-ThanawiyyatFree for Institutions
Religious Institute Secondary Education CertificateShahadat Al Thanawiyyah Al’Aama lil Ma’aahid Al IlmiyyaFree for Institutions
Secondary Agriculture School DiplomaDiplom Al Madaaris Al Ziraa’iyyahFree for Institutions
Secondary Commercial School DiplomaDiplom Al Madaaris Al TijaariyyahFree for Institutions
Secondary Vocational School DiplomaDiplom Al Madaaris Al Thanawiyyah Al MihaniyyahFree for Institutions
Diploma in Nursing Free for Institutions
Associate Degree in Nursing Free for Institutions
Diploma for Junior College Training for TeachersDiplom Al-Kulliyyat Al-Mutawassita Li Tadreeb Al-Mu'allimeenFree for Institutions
Diploma of Higher Institute for Financial & Commercial SciencesDiplom Al Ma'had Al 'Aali fil-Uloom Al MaliyyahFree for Institutions
Higher Technical Institute DiplomaShahadat Al Ma'had Al Fanni Al'AaliFree for Institutions
Institute of Public Administration Certificate of CompletionShahadat Itmaam Dawrat Ma'had Al Idaarah Al 'AammahFree for Institutions
Secondary Teacher Training Institute CertificateShahadat Ad-Dirasah Al-Thanawiyyat Li-Ma'ahad Tadreeb Al-Mu'allimeenFree for Institutions
Technical College CertificateAl Shahadah Al Jami’iyyiah Al MutawassitaFree for Institutions
Bachelor of Air Force and Aviation TechnologyBaccaloreous Al-TayraanFree for Institutions
Bachelor of Military ScienceBaccaloreous Al-'uluum Al-'askariyyahFree for Institutions
Bachelor of Naval ScienceBaccaloreous Al-'uluum Al-'BahriyyaFree for Institutions
Bachelor in EducationBaccaloreous in EducationFree for Institutions
Bachelor of Science in NursingBaccaloreus Fi Al-'uluumFree for Institutions
Bachelor of Veterinary MedicineBaccaloreus Az-Ziraa' at Wa Tibb Al-BaytariFree for Institutions
Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Animal SurgeryBaccaloreus Fi Tibb Wa Jiraahat Al-HayawanFree for Institutions
Doctor of Dental ScienceDoktoor Fi Tibb Al-AsnaanFree for Institutions
Doctor of MedicineDoktoor Fi Tibb Al-BashariFree for Institutions
Higher Diploma in EducationAl Diplom Al AaliyahFree for Institutions
Master's DegreeDarajat al MajisteerFree for Institutions
DoctorateDarajat al DoctoorahFree for Institutions

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