Saudi Arabia Credentials

CredentialLocal NameUS Equivalence
General Elementary School CertificateShahadat Al Maddaaris Al Ibtidaa`iyyahOrder a Report - $9.99
Certificate of Technical NursingShahadat At-Tamriidh Al-FanniOrder a Report
Intermediate Education CertificateShahadt Al-Kafa’at Al-MutawassitaOrder a Report
General Secondary Education CertificateShahadat Al-Marhalat Al-ThanawiyyatOrder a Report
Religious Institute Secondary Education CertificateShahadat Al Thanawiyyah Al’Aama lil Ma’aahid Al IlmiyyaOrder a Report
Secondary Agriculture School DiplomaDiplom Al Madaaris Al Ziraa’iyyahOrder a Report
Secondary Commercial School DiplomaDiplom Al Madaaris Al TijaariyyahOrder a Report
Secondary Vocational School DiplomaDiplom Al Madaaris Al Thanawiyyah Al MihaniyyahOrder a Report
Diploma in Nursing Order a Report
Associate Degree in Nursing Order a Report
Diploma for Junior College Training for TeachersDiplom Al-Kulliyyat Al-Mutawassita Li Tadreeb Al-Mu'allimeenOrder a Report
Diploma of Higher Institute for Financial & Commercial SciencesDiplom Al Ma'had Al 'Aali fil-Uloom Al MaliyyahOrder a Report
Higher Technical Institute DiplomaShahadat Al Ma'had Al Fanni Al'AaliOrder a Report
Institute of Public Administration Certificate of CompletionShahadat Itmaam Dawrat Ma'had Al Idaarah Al 'AammahOrder a Report
Secondary Teacher Training Institute CertificateShahadat Ad-Dirasah Al-Thanawiyyat Li-Ma'ahad Tadreeb Al-Mu'allimeenOrder a Report
Technical College CertificateAl Shahadah Al Jami’iyyiah Al MutawassitaOrder a Report
Bachelor of Air Force and Aviation TechnologyBaccaloreous Al-TayraanOrder a Report
Bachelor of Military ScienceBaccaloreous Al-'uluum Al-'askariyyahOrder a Report
Bachelor of Naval ScienceBaccaloreous Al-'uluum Al-'BahriyyaOrder a Report
Bachelor in EducationBaccaloreous in EducationOrder a Report
Bachelor of Science in NursingBaccaloreus Fi Al-'uluumOrder a Report
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) Order a Report
Bachelor of Veterinary MedicineBaccaloreus Az-Ziraa' at Wa Tibb Al-BaytariOrder a Report
Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Animal SurgeryBaccaloreus Fi Tibb Wa Jiraahat Al-HayawanOrder a Report
Doctor of Dental ScienceDoktoor Fi Tibb Al-AsnaanOrder a Report
Higher Diploma in EducationAl Diplom Al AaliyahOrder a Report
Master's DegreeDarajat al MajisteerOrder a Report
Doctor of MedicineDoktoor Fi Tibb Al-BashariOrder a Report
DoctorateDarajat al DoctoorahOrder a Report

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