Peru Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
Bachillerato AcadémicoAcademic BaccalaureateOrder a Report - $9.99
Certificado de educación secundaria común completaCertificate of Completion of General Secondary EducationOrder a Report
Diploma de Aptitud ProfesionalDiploma of Professional CompetencyOrder a Report
Bachillerato ProfesionalProfessional BaccalaureateOrder a Report
Bachillerato TécnicoTechnical BaccalaureateOrder a Report
Bachiller en Estudios GeneralesBachelor in General StudiesOrder a Report
Administrador Industrial Nivel Técnico MedioMid-Level Industrial Administration TechnicianOrder a Report
Profesional como Técnico de Nivel MedioProfessional Qualification of Mid-Level TechnicianOrder a Report
Profesional TécnicoProfessional TechnicianOrder a Report
Bachiller en IngeneríaBachelor in EngineeringOrder a Report
Bachiller en EducaciónBachelor of EducationOrder a Report
BachillerBachelor's DegreeOrder a Report
LicenciadoLicentiateOrder a Report
Licenciado en Educación Básica RegularLicentiate in Basic EducationOrder a Report
Profesor de Educación BásicaPrimary School TeacherOrder a Report
Profesor de Educación PrimariaPrimary School TeacherOrder a Report
Título ProfessionalProfessional TitleOrder a Report
Profesor de Educación Secundaria Técnica en la EspecialidadSecondary School Teacher with Technical SpecializationOrder a Report
Título de Profesional en Técnicas de IngenieríaTitle of Professional EngineerOrder a Report
Bachiller en OdontologíaBachelor in DentistryOrder a Report
Bachiller en MedicinaBachelor of MedicineOrder a Report
Bachiller en Farmacia Título Profesional de QuímicoBachelor of PharmacyOrder a Report
Bachiller en Medicina VeterinariaBachelor of Veterinary MedicineOrder a Report
Bachiller en DerechoDegree of Bachelor of LawOrder a Report
MaestríaMaster's DegreeOrder a Report
DoctoradoDoctorateOrder a Report

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