Universities in Madagascar

This list includes universities, colleges, vocational schools, and other higher education institutions.
1Université de ToliaraUniversity of ToliaryToliara
2Université d'AntananarivoUniversity of AntananarivoAntananarivo
3Université de MahajangaUniversity of MahajangaMahajanga
4Institut Supérieur de la Communication, des Affaires et du Management MadagascarHigher Institute Of Communication, Business And ManagementAntananarivo
5Université de FianarantsoaUniversity of FianarantsoaFianarantsoa
6Institut Supérieur de Technologie d’AntananarivoHigher Institute of Technology in AntananarivoAntananarivo
7Université d'AntsirananaUniversity of AntsirananaAntsiranana
8Institut National de Santé Publique et CommunautaireNational Institute of Public HealthAntananarivo
9Academie du LittoralCoastal AcademyAntsiranana
10Institut Superieur Polytechnique de MadagascarPolytechnic Higher Institute of MadagascarAntananarivo
11Université Catholique MadagascarCatholic University of MadagascarAntananarivo

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