Lebanon Credentials

CredentialLocal NameUS Equivalence
Baccalaureate Part IBaccalauréat Part IOrder a Report - $9.99
Baccalaureate in EducationBaccalauréat ďenseignementOrder a Report
Baccalaureate Part IIBaccalauréat Part IIOrder a Report
Lebanese BaccalaureateBaccalauréat LibanaiseOrder a Report
Technical BaccalaureateBaccalauréat techniqueOrder a Report
Diploma in NursingDiplôme ďEtat Francais ďinfirmiersOrder a Report
Diploma of General University StudiesDiplôme ďétudes universitaires généralesOrder a Report
Diploma of Preparatory Scientific StudiesDiplôme ďétudes scientifiques préparatoiresOrder a Report
Specialized Diploma in BankingDiplôme ďétudes techniques de banqueOrder a Report
University Diploma in TechnologyDiplôme universitaire de technologieOrder a Report
Diploma in Insurance ManagementDiplôme ďétudes techniques ďassuranceOrder a Report
Diploma of Applied AgricultureDiplôme ďagronomie appliquéeOrder a Report
Senior TechnicianTechnicien supérieurOrder a Report
DiplomaDiplômeOrder a Report
Diploma in BankingDiplôme ďétudes supérieur de banqueOrder a Report
Licemse in Technical EducationLicence ďenseignement techniqueOrder a Report
LicenseLicenceOrder a Report
License in EducationLicence ďenseignementOrder a Report
Diploma in General MedicineDiplôme en médecine généraleOrder a Report
Doctor of DentistryDocteur de médecine dentaireOrder a Report
Doctor of PharmacyDocteur de pharmacieOrder a Report
Certificate of Professional Aptitude in Higher EducationCertificat ďaptitude professional ďeducation supérieurOrder a Report
Diploma of Advanced StudiesDiplôme ďétudes approfondiesOrder a Report
Diploma of Higher StudiesDiplôme ďétudes supérieuresOrder a Report
Master's DegreeMaîtriseOrder a Report
Master's DegreeMagistereOrder a Report
Doctorate in LettersDoctorat en lettresOrder a Report
First Cycle DoctorateDoctorat de première cycleOrder a Report
State DoctorateDoctorat ďEtatOrder a Report
Third Cycle DoctorateDoctorat de troisième cycleOrder a Report

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