Ireland Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
Teastas idirmheánachIntermediate CertificateOrder a Report - $9.99
Teastas SóisearachJunior CertificateOrder a Report
Ardteistiméireacht FheidhmeachLeaving Certificate AppliedOrder a Report
Ardteistiméireacht cáilíochtaí gairmiúlaLeaving Certificate Vocational ProgramOrder a Report
ArdteistiméireachtSchool Leaving CertificateOrder a Report
BunteastasFoundation CertificateOrder a Report
Ard TeastasHigher CertificateOrder a Report
Ard-Teastas NáisiúntaHigher National CertificateOrder a Report
Baitsiléir OideachaisBachelor of EducationOrder a Report
Baitsiléir Eolaíochta i dTeicneolaíocht AiltireachtaBachelor of Science in ArchitectureOrder a Report
Dioplóma NáisiúntaNational DiplomaOrder a Report
Gnáthchéim BaitsiléaraOrdinary Bachelor DegreeOrder a Report
Baitsiléir Oideachais OnórachaBachelor of Education HonoursOrder a Report
Baitsiléir InnealtóireachtaBachelor of EngineeringOrder a Report
Baitsiléir Eolaíochta san AltranasBachelor of Science in NursingOrder a Report
Baitsiléir Eolaíochta i FisiteiripeBachelor of Science in PhysiotherapyOrder a Report
Céim Bhaitsiléara an méid seo a leanas Teastas NáisiúntaBachelor's degree following the National CertificateOrder a Report
Céim Bhaitsiléara an méid seo a leanas Dioplóma NáisiúntaBachelor's degree following the National DiplomaOrder a Report
Onóracha BaitsiléaraBachelor's HonoursOrder a Report
Baitsiléir Eolaíochta FiaclóireachtaBachelor of Dental ScienceOrder a Report
Baitsiléir Dlíthe a seo a leanas a le Céim ar chéimBachelor of Laws following a Bachelor's degreeOrder a Report
Baitsiléir Dlíthe tar éis na hArdteistiméireachtaBachelor of Laws following School Leaving CertificateOrder a Report
Baitsiléir LeighisBachelor of MedicineOrder a Report
Baitsiléir Eolaíochta sa ChógaseolaíochtBachelor of Science in PharmacologyOrder a Report
Ard-DioplómaHigher DiplomaOrder a Report
Dioplóma IarchéimePostgraduate DiplomaOrder a Report
Máistir i DlítheMaster in LawsOrder a Report
Máistir EalaíonMaster of ArtsOrder a Report
Máistir Riarachán GnóMaster of Business AdministrationOrder a Report
Máistir OideachaisMaster of EducationOrder a Report
Máistir EolaíochtaMaster of ScienceOrder a Report
Dochtúir sa LeighisDoctor in MedicineOrder a Report
Dhochtúireachta sa DlíDoctor of LawsOrder a Report
Dochtúir sa LitríochtDoctor of LiteratureOrder a Report
Dochtúir FealsúnachtaDoctor of PhilosophyOrder a Report
Dochtúir EolaíochtaDoctor of ScienceOrder a Report
Dochtúireacht sa FiaclóireachtDoctorate in DentistryOrder a Report

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