Denmark Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
Folkeskolens AfgangsprøveLower Secondary Leaving ExaminationOrder a Report - $9.99
AfgangsbevisLower Secondary School CertificateOrder a Report
Udvidede afgangsbevisExtended Leaving CertificateOrder a Report
Folkeskolens 10-klasseprøveGrade 10 ExaminationOrder a Report
Bevis for højere grunduddannelserCertificate of Higher Basic EducationnOrder a Report
SvendebrevCertificate of Completed ApprenticeshipOrder a Report
Bevis for højere forberedelseeksamenCertificate of higher preparatory examinationOrder a Report
UddannelsesbevisCertificate of Vocational TrainingOrder a Report
Eksamensbevis for højere handelseksamenDiploma of Higher Commercial ExaminationOrder a Report
Eksamensbevis for højere teknisk eksamenDiploma of Higher Technical ExaminationOrder a Report
StudentereksamenUpper Secondary School Leaving ExaminationOrder a Report
Profession+ AKAcademy ProfessionOrder a Report
TeknikereksamenTechnical ExaminationOrder a Report
BachelorgradBachelor of ArtsOrder a Report
Bachelor linguae mercantilisBachelor of Business and LanguageOrder a Report
Bachelor of ScienceBachelor of ScienceOrder a Report
Examinatus artiumExamination in HumanitiesOrder a Report
Examinatus scientiarumExamination in ScienceOrder a Report
JordemoderMidwifeOrder a Report
FysioterapeutPhysical TherapistOrder a Report
Akademi IngeniørAcademic EngineerOrder a Report
Professionsbachelor in NursingBachelor in NursingOrder a Report
Professionsbachelor in EngineeringBachelor of EngineeringOrder a Report
Professionsbachelor in MidwiferyBachelor of MidwiferyOrder a Report
DiplomingeniørDiploma in EngineeringOrder a Report
Professionsbachelor in EducationBachelor of EducationOrder a Report
Professionsbachelor in PhysiotherapyBachelor of PhysiotherapyOrder a Report
Candidatus following secondary schoolCandidate following secondary schoolOrder a Report
Candidatus philisophiaeCandidate of PhilosophyOrder a Report
SygeplejerkseNurseOrder a Report
TeknikumingeniørTechnical EngineerOrder a Report
Candidatus odontologicaeCandidate in DentistryOrder a Report
Candidatus jurisCandidate in LawOrder a Report
Candidatus pharamciaeCandidate in PharmacologyOrder a Report
Candidatus medicinae veterinariaeCandidate in Veterinary MedicineOrder a Report
CandidatusCandidateOrder a Report
Magister tra artiumMaster of ArtsOrder a Report
Magister tra scientariumMaster of ScienceOrder a Report
DoctorgradDoctorateOrder a Report
LicentiatusLicentiateOrder a Report

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