Belarus Credentials

CredentialLocal NameUS Equivalence
Certificate of Basic EducationПасведчанне аб базаваѝ адукацыіFree for Institutions
Certificate of Complete Secondary EducationАтэстат аб агульнай сярэдняй адукацыіFree for Institutions
Diploma of Basic Vocational EducationДыплом аб пачатковай прафесiйнай адукацыіFree for Institutions
Diploma of Secondary Vocational EducationДыплом аб сярэдняй прафесійнай адукацыіFree for Institutions
Associate of Business Administration Free for Institutions
Bachelor's DiplomaДыплом бакалўраFree for Institutions
Diploma of Higher EducationДыплом аб вышэйшай адукацыіFree for Institutions
Advanced Specialist DiplomaДыплом спецыяліста з паглыбленнай падрыхтоўкайFree for Institutions
Master's DiplomaДыплом магістраFree for Institutions
Specialist DiplomaДыплом спецыялістаFree for Institutions
Diploma of Candidate of SciencesДыплом кандідата навукFree for Institutions
Diploma of Doctor of SciencesДыплом доктара навукFree for Institutions

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