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What is Scholaro Pro?

Scholaro Pro is an online education database providing information on education systems around the world.

About University Rankings

Scholaro university rankings are web rankings that indicate the importance of the global online presence of colleges and universities rather than their academic reputations. While a better online presence does not guarantee a better reputation, there is often a strong correlation between these two indicators. Online presence is a good indicator of the significance, popularity, and breadth of content provided by an institution on the web. More popular and respected institutions tend to rank higher as a result.

Scholaro web rankings are calculated using web services such as Alexa, Bing, and Google. These services use proprietary alghorithms to determine the importance of a specific institution's online presence, which means we have no direct influence over the rankings. Our methodology is tailored toward anyone looking for a quick overview of the academic institutions in different countries.

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