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Foreign Credits Endorsed by AICE

by Admin 7. May 2015 07:03

Foreign Credits is pleased to announce that we have joined AICE, the Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc.® as an Endorsed Member Evaluation Service.  Through extensive research and deliberation, we have decided that membership in this professional not-for profit organization is best suited for our needs since it is founded on sound research-based policies governing ethical standards in a progressive business environment. We look forward to continuing to provide thorough, accurate, and timely credential evaluation services to the comparative education community in North America and beyond.

The mission of AICE® is to “promote best practices in the international credentials evaluation field, advance comparative education research, and provide the general public with access to trustworthy credential evaluation expertise.”  Foreign Credits Inc. supports this mission entirely, as it compares favorably to our professional activities. Our staff, including the Evaluation Team led by Aleks Morawski, Director of Evaluation Services, regularly participate in numerous professional organizations and present and train credential evaluation methodology to the public at large. Our up-to-date and ongoing research is the hallmark of advancing comparative education knowledge, which we provide to the general public through comprehensive credential evaluation services and resources, including a free GPA calculator and a database of higher educational systems. Foreign Credits maintains our belief in providing expert credential evaluation services while developing trust with the international education community and all individuals educated in the United States and abroad navigating the waters of comparative international education. 

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Translation for Credential Evaluation

by Admin 26. November 2014 13:08

When you choose to have your academic credentials evaluated by Foreign Credits, you can trust that we will accurately review your coursework and accurately assign credits and grades as if you attended these courses within the U.S. education system. One of the benefits to choosing Foreign Credits for this service is that we offer Translation and Evaluation under one roof. You only need to deliver your academic documents to us via our online submission system and we take it from there!

You may be asking yourself, why must I order an Evaluation if all I want is for my transcript (marks sheet) to be translated? Shouldn’t translation include ‘translating my grades’?

Your grades, as well as the degree conferred, are part of an education system and are given on a grading scale which cannot be expressed through pure translation. Our translation-expert staff take your transcripts and certificates and recreate them in English so that our evaluators may then recognize all of your coursework and education attended and completed. They then spend time to research and apply their expertise to convert your grades, create your GPA, and assign a U.S. equivalent degree obtained.


In short, the difference between grade/degree translation and evaluation, is that translation focuses on the literal meaning of the text on each page you submit while evaluation delves into the behind-the-scenes meaning of the names and numbers.


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Foreign Credits joins NAFSA Global Partnership program

by Admin 29. January 2013 17:03

What is NAFSA?

NAFSA—The National Association for Foreign Student Affairs—was founded in 1948 (originally National Association of Foreign Student Affairs) and was comprised of academic institutions, government agencies, and private organizations. The reach of the association has since expanded to include admissions personnel, English-language specialists, and community volunteers.

“NAFSA: Association of International Educators is a non-profit professional organization for all areas of international education abroad advising and administration, international student advising, campus internalization, admissions, outreach, overseas advising, and English as a Second Language (ESL) administration. As of 2010, it served approximately 10,000 educators worldwide, representing nearly 3,000 higher education institutions.”

As of January, 2013, Foreign Credits is proud to be recognized as a partner of the NAFSA Global Partnership Program.  Foreign Credits supports the mission of NAFSA to advance international education, exchange and global workforce development as they strive to “establish principles of good practice, provide training and professional development opportunities, provide networking opportunities, and advocate for international education.” 


European vs U.S. Terminology

by Admin 7. January 2012 09:04

The following terms are often misused or misunderstood in the United States when they appear on educational and other documents issued in the European countries. The original term is on the left, and the U.S. equivalent is on the right.

European U.S.
Postgraduate Graduate
Course Program
Chartered or incorporated Accredited
Programme Program
Primary education Elementary education
Date format (day/month/year)
Example: 31/12/2012 is December 31, 2012
Example: 12/31/2012 is December 31, 2012
Philology Linguistics
Electronics engineering Computer engineering
Railway Railroad


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Education Database October 2011 Update

by Admin 16. November 2011 18:27

Our Education Database now includes information on 1,090 education levels from 190+ countries.

The September-October updates include:


  • 129 universities and schools added to Mexico
  • 74 universities and schools added to Columbia
  • 165 universities and schools added to Brazil
  • 9,439 universities and schools added to the US
  • 789 universities and schools added to the UK
  • 92 universities and schools added to Argentina
  • 91 universities and schools added to Canada


  • English translations added for 2,000 credentials

 Accreditations (New)

  • 10,994 accreditation statuses added to U.S. universities and schools
  • 42 accreditation agencies added to the U.S.


  • A new search box using the Google search engine 
  • The database is now searchable from any page
  • Over 12,000 pages catalogued

Other Changes

  • Improved Resources navigation


Education Database

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