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International GPA Calculator Gets a Huge Update

by Rita 26. December 2010 17:51

If you have used our International GPA Calculator in the past, you may have noticed that it didn't have every grading scale for every country. However, that is precisely our goal, and we are working very hard to make it a reality. To show you that we are serious about this goal, we have added 30 more countries and 70 additional grading scales in the last 3 months. This means the GPA calculator now works for 150 countries and 200 scales.

That's not all. We have also improved the algorithm that searches the grades, so the results are now better and more accurate than ever. You can now search by letter grades, points, percentages, grade names, and even grade descriptions. The best part–it is still free. We are not asking you for a dime to use it, and you don't have to click on ads because there aren't any.

Why would we want to offer it for free? Are we crazy? Yes. Of course, we do hope that you take a moment to look at our other services such as document translation and credential evaluation, but you don't have to. Honestly. We are just happy to have you on our website. You can always help us by telling us how we can improve and by pointing out any mistakes or inaccuracies. Thank you in advance.

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