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Unaccredited Colleges and Universities

by Rita 3. July 2010 10:33

Are you worried about diploma mills and other unaccredited institutions issuing fake degrees? We sure are. Over 100,000 fake degrees are issued every year in the United States alone, making this a multi-million dollar industry. What's even worse is that many fake degrees are never investigated, and no one is punished for them. Some diploma mills do eventually get shut down, but by that time they have already issued thousands of diplomas. Some individuals even sell fake diplomas and marksheets that look like they are from a prestigious university, but they are usually easier to spot because the university will not be able to verify the credentials.

We want to help with identifying unaccredited institutions, which is why we published a list of unaccredited colleges and universities on our website. It has 250 institutions from over 20 countries so far, but more will be added as we become aware of them. We want you to know that we will never evaluate academic credentials issued by any institution on that list, or any credentials that we find suspicious for other reasons. There are a few similar references online, so our goal is to gather all available information in one place. We also want you to tell us if you find an unaccredited institution that's not on that list, and we will add it. If you find a mistake, we would like to know as well. No list such as this is complete, but we hope to make it more so with your help.

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